Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Back...

Trying to blog again and finding it to be very frustrating moving my pictures around on this blog. When I try to paste them they go where ever they want and they don't like to be side by side. Here is my best try(PS sorry about all the blank spaces):

Dear Friends,
Visiting a beach in San Francisco
I'm back.... I am hoping to start blogging again now that my life has settled down.  The last 3 years I haven't done very well at posting and most of the blog posts were done by Becky or Chris.  So this post will be a Froelich Family Update!  Chris graduated from pharmacy school at the University of Montana the first week of May 2012.  He got a job with CVS as a pharmacist in Carson City, NV.  I can't even express what a relief that is.  He took his state and national pharmacy boards and he started yesterday as a full time pharmacist.  It has been a long haul!  I really wasn't very good at posting the last few years because I was working full time.  I know lots of people work full time and still blog but I have my limits.  After spending the entire day looking at a computer at work I didn't want to come home and look at one unless I was looking at Netflix.  Anyway we are happy to be here in Carson City and out of student housing.  I will never take for granted again simple things like air conditioning and a garbage disposal and dishwasher.  Yes, I consider those to be simple things that everyone should have and things that I have been doing without living in student housing.  Oh and in student housing I had a  fridge that froze all our food instead of just keeping it cold. That was lame.  We are moving on to bigger and better things.  In an effort to make up for lost time we have been quite busy here in the sunshine of Nevada and California and I will post some pictures to prove it.

Obviously Jack loves to pose for family photos

Katie doesn't mind posing
Good times

Self portrait. Why didn't Jack take it for us you may ask?  He had enough fun for one day and was sitting in the car.

Katie is reading to Anna my cousin Alyssa's little girl  while I brush her hair.  I love this picture it was a sweet moment in time.  We stayed at Alyssa and Mark's when we went to San Francisco and Sacramento.  It was so much fun to be with them.  Mary is at their house for the summer nannying.

Out for a drive and some ice cream in Incline Village.

Jack and Katie are climbing on the rocks in cold Lake Tahoe.  Upper right of picture

They swam a little but mostly tried to climb and avoid getting in the water.  We have been to the beach 6 or 7 times and it has warmed up a little or the air has gotten warmer and they swim now.  They don't stay in for long though.  

Katie is ready for the 4th of July.  
4th of July ward party Katie is ready for a bike parade


MARCIE said...

Great family pics! Katie is getting so big! I am glad you have all persevered and are now in a better place. Love and hugs!

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